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The City Buzz Magazine - Publisher: F. D. LeBus Co., Inc.  
201 N. Main St. - Cynthiana, Ky.  41031 / Phone:  859-588-2696

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Community News &

The City Buzz Magazine is published in
Cynthiana, Ky. We offer Positive
Community News & Advertisements,
Area Events, Funny Stories, UK Sports,
Local History, This Old House Highlights,
Quality Businesses Advertisements,
FREE of charge to the public.

Currently our distribution area includes
the North Central Kentucky cities of
Cynthiana, Paris and Georgetown, Ky.

We were founded in November 2008 as
a way for small businesses to keep their
name before the public at a reasonable
cost. Positivity is our goal.

A special note from the editor.
We are in our 13th year in business
because of you, our many readers and
We thank all of you for your support.
Frazer D LeBus

Please stay safe during the
Covid-19 pandemic.
We hope that you enjoy our magazine.

We are a Free publication for
the public, we do not charge
our readers for printed
copies or Internet access.
Frazer LeBus, Editor

Advertising Rates

Black & White Ads are
$6.00 sq. in.
Color Ads are $7.50 sq. in.
(Minimum ad size is
4 sq. in. for all ads)

All  Ads are billed on a monthly basis,
(after the last printing for that months
runs). All ads rates are on a per ad
basis. Discounts are  given for larger
size ads and numbers of  runs
(including multiple ads per issue). We
can alternate ads for your different
business needs. There are no
additional charges or set up fees for
your ads.
There is no contract to sign.
We appreciate your business.

Contact Frazer LeBus 859-588-2696
for more information or visit our office,  
201 N. Main St. - Cynthiana, Ky.

Below are some examples of ad sizes & cost

2in x 3in = 6   
$ 36.00 B&W
$ 45.00 Color
Per issue

1/4 page (2 x 5) = 10 sq in
$  60.00 B&W
$  75.00 Color
Per issue

1/2 page (4 x 5) = 20 sq in
$120.00 B&W
$150.00 Color
Per issue

Full page (8 x 5) = 40 sq in
$240.00 B&W
$300.00 Color
Per issue

Special sizes and pricing available,
call us for details
e-mail us...

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Visit Desha Point on US 27 N.
for choice home lots.
Offices; 201 N. Main St.
Cynthiana, Ky.
Call: 859-588-2696  
F. D. LeBus Co., Inc.
201 N. Main St.
PO Box 640
Cynthiana, Ky. 41031

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