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January 22, 2021
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DeSha Point Subdivision
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KU Electric, Harrison Co.
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At DeSha Point you'll see deer, wild turkey, geese, ducks as
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        Kentucky Basketball, Has The Belt Flown OFF

  What has happened to the glorious Wildcats? 4-9 overall and
3-3 in the SEC. If you’re looking for some sort of reason as to
why Kentucky has lost nine games, and appears to be falling
apart, my friends look no further. The reason is that these 5
star Wildcats are just not very good. They don’t have the
grit, they can’t shoot the ball and have never understood what
Kentucky Basketball is all about. They are young and only
interested in reaching the NBA. That is what they have been
taught and Coach Calipari has reinforced this idea!
   It appears that Coach Cal is protecting his 5 star Cats so he
can solidify his recruiting position with future players and
classes. He is sending a message, come to Kentucky and I’ll
stick with you no matter if you are having trouble with your
shots or make a lot of turnovers. I’ll do it even if it is at the
expense of other less storied players!
   If this is the case, he will doom this season and The Big Blue
Nation deserves much better. I understand he is a player’s
coach first, but the fans that love and support Kentucky
Basketball feel deflated and unloved. Many fans are just plain
ticked off by the results of his efforts this season. They believe
he is paid more than enough (over 9+ million dollars a year) to
win games and get them into the NCAA Tournament. They
yearn for another NCAA title, No. 9.
   Yes, John Calipari is a great coach, but he needs to produce
a better product because he is losing some of his older fan
base! The majority of the big money that comes to college
athletics comes from the older supporters. Times are a
changing and this base has learned that they don’t have to pay
the huge prices for tickets and donations anymore. They can
just watch all of the games on TV. It is much easier than
fighting the crowds at Rupp Arena and much cheaper too. The
covid-19 pandemic has opened their eyes to TV and is eroding
Kentucky’s older fan base.

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