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This Old House Series
by Mary Riggs LeBus   

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President George

Mount Vernon
Alexandria, VA.
Free to the

The NBA Championship Series
NBA Finals News, Raptors (3) vs Warriors (2)

       In the worst of worst-case scenarios during game 5, Kevin
Durant, who had returned to the NBA Finals after more than
four weeks off with what was initially diagnosed as a mild calf
strain, collapsed to the floor after playing 2 minutes in the
second quarter of game 5, and you knew it was a bad injury.
Kevin grabbed at his right Achilles tendon. He had to be
helped from the floor. And as cameras followed him back to
the locker room, it wasn't just the NBA Finals that shifted. 

   Durant had scored 11 points on 3-of-3 shooting from deep
and looked terrific in his return. The Warriors were humming
offensively and it honestly looked like a fairytale story of
Durant coming back to save the day. Then the injury and the
fans of the Raptors were cheering. I was amazed that the
crowd did this and I can’t believe that people would literally
cheer an injury, especially from a great player that is so well
respected for his style of play and leadership.

   After that, in what was a shift in the story, the Raptors
started hitting 3 pt. shots and Big Cousins (Warriors) made
three fatal plays to let them back in the game, they led by 6. It
was like the Warriors were just lethargic. Then the comeback
to beat the Raptors.

  With only 3 seconds left, Kyle Lowry's 3-pointer at the buzzer
was off and hit the backboard, and the Golden State had
rallied from a six-point deficit in the final three minutes to beat
the Toronto Raptors


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June 14, 2019
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